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--Our coffee roasting story began in the summer of 2006. A German man named Thomas travelled hundreds of miles to enquire about producing a coffee roaster using designs he provided.--Already having 16 years experience in manufacturing of nut roasters, using German technology, we produced our first coffee roaster. Thomas was excited his designs were being made, when presenting the machine to him he was extremely happy, starting a long friendship.--Thanks to this we are now becoming the leading manufacturer of coffee roasters in China and supplying roasters to customers in 50+ countries, including America, Europe, Middle East, South Asia and so on, improving their products and improving their businesses!--Now with 30 years experience in the roasting industry, continously improving quality at the best price has brought us mastery in this field. Also working to improve customer service, striving for the highest customer satisfaction using a highly disciplined and dedicated team. --As of 2020 Yoshan are renewing the brand image, working to achieve more dynamic, powerful and contemporary institutional structure for our customers. --We are more than just a manufacturer, we are a "Business Solutions Provider" and we try to provide the best, most reliable service to our valued customers.
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